Starter Grants (2017):

Providing Starter Grants (e.g. min $250 & up)


Help us to fund innovation with starter grant(s).

Our goal is to help ten people/organizations to build, create, and/or continuity engage in a mission that benefits youth in some capacity.

We will personal vet each project before offering support.

Since 2000, we’ve either participated with or supported numerous non-profit organizations.

Your support will help people to get started today with.

  1. Funds to buy supplies for a project;
  2. Funds to help with application fees for an education program;
  3. Funds to hire an editor for your book;
  4. Funds to take a financial empowerment course;
  5. Funds to begin a study abroad program;
  6. Funds to begin a business idea;
  7. Funds to start/build a youth based non-profit;
  8. Funds to begin a certification program.

Eligible parties:

Grantees can consist of:

  1. Individuals;
  2. Education Organizations;
  3. Nonprofit Organizations;
  4. For-Profit Organizations (Social Impact/Enterprises).

Examples of Starter Grants (2017):


Examples Past Projects (last 10 years)

Workshop (Learn to Earn South Africa)

Workshop (Changers Academy, South Africa)

Volunteer (Oakland)

Startup Weekend, Brazil (EduTech)

2nd Book

Workshop (Stanford)

Workshop (Madison Academy, Oakland)

Workshop (San Jose)

S. Korea (summer program)

China (Summer Program)

Los Angeles (playground building)

UC Davis (1st book promotion)